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With our Single Touch Payroll tool, you can make all your payments at once for a streamlined, easy experience.

In the next couple of years, the Australian Government is looking to introduce legislation mandating that super payments be made at the same time as employee wages.

To make sure that your business meets these upcoming requirements, and to save time on your payment procesing, it's important to upgrade to a streamlined Single Touch Payroll solution capable of doing it all in one go. And that's exactly what archerE offers.


How archerE processes your transactions.

archerE allows you to create a single pay run process that calculates your employee' payments and liabilities, pays their superannuation, and fulfills your ATO Single Touch Payroll reporting obligations.

To pay your superannuation, you can make a single payment that is then distributed to your employees' super funds.

As well as helping you to meet upcoming government mandates, it helps to streamline your daily business operations, so you can focus on your core purpose.

Seamless integration.

archerE integrates directly with the ATO and the Superannuation Superstream Network.

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archerE allows you to pay your employees' wages, pay their super, and report to the ATO all together in one simple transaction.

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