Free super clearing service!

If you only need to pay your staff superannuation, archerE can help you out.

We offer a completely free super clearing service for small businesses who only need to pay super for 1 to 20 employees.

Larger employers can use our super clearing service too as super payments are included as standard in the archerE plan.

What's the catch?

There's no catch. We are just betting that when you see how easy and seamless super payments are with archerE, you will consider using our other services such as payroll and single touch payroll reporting.


How it works.

To pay your superannuation, you can make a single payment that is then distributed to your employees' super funds.

As well as helping you to meet upcoming government mandates, it helps to streamline your daily business operations, so you can focus on your core purpose.

Step 1.

Create a free super payments process

When super is due, create a single super payments process. Select which employees you want to pay and enter their super contribution amounts.

Step 2.

Data Validation

With archerE, you’ll be notified of any issues in your super data before you submit, such as missing employee information or invalid super fund details. Once you fix these, you can submit.

Step 3.

Submit the process and make your payment

Once submitted, you will be presented with payment instructions. Once your payment is received, your super payments and contribution data will be automatically distributed to the super funds on your behalf.

archerE keeps you updated on the entire end to end process via status updates and notifications in the archerE portal.

We also provide responses back from super funds including member numbers and returned payment information, so you’ll never lose a payment again.

Got questions about archerE?

We've got the answers.

Beam provides the engine behind our fully integrated super payments service.

Through Beam, we're able to offer our clients:

  • Easy admin
  • Single-batch super contributions
  • SuperStream compliance
  • Fast payments with multiple payment options
  • Contribution and payment notifications
  • Secure information processing

Ready to start hitting all
targets in one shot?

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up and running in a matter of minutes.

Using archerE
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